Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Day 29.

Ooh, one more day of the challenge to go.  I ain't going to do it, you know.  I've managed keeping up with the blog every day, no problem.  But there was just that one point a couple of weeks ago when I got behind with the hubs, and I haven't managed to catch up since then.  I'm still short by four and a half hubs.  I don't think I'm going to manage to write four and a half hubs in one day.  I can't really bring myself to write substandard ones just to get them done - I don't see the point of that.  But I will give it my best shot - you never know.  I've got the morning off tomorrow, so I could possibly write two then.  And maybe, just maybe, I could do another two in the evening.  I wonder if it really matter whether or not I post them on the very last day, or whether I could get away with posting them on Day 31, as long as I really did write them on Day 30.  What do you think?

Anyway, Congratulations to William and Kate!

Don't worry, you lovely little couple you, I won't be a stalker.  I just love a nice Royal occasion :)

My, but she's a pretty one, eh?  Lovely :)  Wish I had her hair.

That is all for today.  I have been at college this evening, and I am tired.  I had to do some writing that was quite tricky, about something that I would ever have chosen to write about.  I'm feeling taxed.  Night.

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