Thursday, 11 November 2010

Day 24.

Wowee!  I'm doing rather well on Hubpages actually.  Doing the 30 day challenge has boosted my profile quite a bit.  I've got 30 followers, and they're leaving comments every day.  Some of my followers are very talented writers - I've read their hubs, and they're fantastic, really put me to shame :S  I feel a bit daft when I look at some of my silly hubs, and then I look at some of their information-packed ones.  Oo-er, I think I should probably put more effort in.  I think that's what I'll challenge myself to after next week - to write two or three excellent hubs a week, rather than lots of sketchy ones.  When I first joined Hubpages I noticed a comment on someone else's hub that talked about how it's okay to go back and edit hubs at a later date.  I thought that that sounded very silly, because why would you post a hub if you thought it wasn't good enough.  But I can see what that person meant now - you learn a lot the more you hub, and the more hubs you read, and you start to see big flaws in your own writing.  I don't think I will go back and edit any that I've already written, but I might rewrite them and delete the old ones.

It's been one of those slow days today, because Matthew isn't very well.  He just seems to be have one of those random 'viruses', and is generally a bit poorly.  But this signifies the first of the winter illnesses.  Last year it was the same - we got the first lurgy about now, and didn't really get free of germs until the spring.  It's the same for everyone, I know.  I'm not complaining about it at all.  I think you just kind of have to embrace the cold, make it your friend, and enjoy a rest when you can.  It's difficult when the kids wake in the night with fevers, and sickness, and pain in their ears, and sore throats, and coughs, and all those things.  Tempers fray, of course, as they do when we're tired.  But winter colds have a huge plus, and that is that they give you an excuse to snuggle up on the couch with tea and toast (if you can manage it - have your toast with honey, as honey is healing, and is particularly good for coughs), and you can watch as many DVDs as you like without feeling guilty.  DVDs are my very great friends, and I do love them, dearly.

I have no photos today.  I should have had a good one of James and Matthew with mohawks in the bath, but I couldn't find my camera :(  They did look cool, with their hair spiked up with shampoo.  James had a head full of hair gel today - he put it on himself right before we had to go to school, so I didn't have time to wash it off.  He looked like he'd dipped his head in a chip pan, poor chap.  It must have been quite itchy, bless him, because when he came home this afternoon, he took himself off up to the bathroom and I found him five minutes later with a nice lather atop his head.  The lather was made from handsoap.  He'd washed his hair, with a little cold water also, every so neatly :)  There wasn't a drip of water on his clothes, and he'd been very careful not to get any soap on his face or down his neck.  Bless. I don't know how he imagined he was going to rinse the soap off!

That's all for today.  I'm off to hub some more.  Got two hubs to post today, and I've still got plenty of time left this evening to write another.  Catching up a little.  I think I'm going to do it!

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